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Good Morning,

Southern Grass Meat is a business my brother and I created out of wanting to help with healthy food at and affordable price. We have raised our herd to over a 100 head with plans to get to 400 head. Our Cattle only eat forage no grain EVER. Our goal is to have enough grass stock piled thru winter to not feed any hay, but we are not there yet. When we do need to feed hay we source hay that has not been sprayed with any herbicides or pesticides and has not been fertilized with any synthetic fertilizer. If we need to feed a protein due to hay quality we feed alfalfa cubes.

We are not certified with any association because they allow the farmer to feed proteins like cottonseed, the most heavily sprayed plant with pesticides, or they focus on the meat animals only and not the entire herd, they only test 10% of the crop. We do have a conscience and do what we believe is right plus we eat the meat we raise. When things do not work out we will sell the animal to the sale following their guidelines. Yes, the “company” loses money this way because it is not what the sale wants but our customer and ourselves win with better meat.

We have been selling beef on Cumming Harvest for several years and below is what we have in the ’about" section. You are welcome to come out to the farm and visit. One thing is, we do run out of beef from time to time. We will not send a steer to processing if they have not been off of hay and eating grass for 45 days. So during late winter if the grass is not growing we will not have anything to send to processing. this could also be true in August.

Please check with Jennifer Martinez that owns the Cumming Harvest or the previous owner Suzanne Geddes.

We are a family farm with two brothers Joe and Mark Hermann owners. We both love the outdoors and family which makes us busy and striving to be better. Mark’s first interest with beef cattle started in the 70’s with the FFA during high school in Texas. Joe while in high school worked on a dairy farm in Georgia. We both like to cook and grill beef but love eating beef better.

Mark started eating grass fed beef because of a health reason and found the taste superb to anything else and the effects to be life changing. That is when he had the idea to start spreading the word and start raising grass fed beef. Being a family farm sparked Joe’s interest and working again with cattle so we created our farm. Our herd consist of Black Angus and British White cattle. Our cattle are on grass from birth to the processor, in pastures year round, and raised without growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Our pastures are grown without commercial fertilizes, herbicides or pesticides. All of our meats are dry aged for 14 days, USDA inspected, USDA processed, and vacuum sealed. We want to create a healthy source of food for our family and a healthy environment to do it in. What better way than natural grass fed beef?

We are learning that everything has a cycle and everything affects the cycles, water cycle, community dynamics, mineral cycle and energy flow. During our rotational grazing our goal is to only take enough for that day, to leave enough for the other animals on the land, to knock down enough grass to cover the soil and to feed the soil community. Our cattle have a choice of sixteen individual loose minerals, but our goal is to have the land eventually produce most, if not all, of the minerals. To do this the soil must be healthy and thriving not on the decline. Our forage must be able to tap into the minerals and bring them into themselves and offer them to the animals.

“To reflect true profit, a successful business must also enhance the soil and water and the life within them that fuels their production. If the soil is destroyed rather than enhanced, or water polluted or depleted of life, the profits gained will not be genuine because biological capital is being consumed. However, when you enhance biological capital, you benefit not only the land but also yourself….” by Allan Savory, Holistic Management

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