Copperhead Homestead


I’m a seventh generation family farmer, raised on my daddy’s farm in sunny south Georgia. It is my passion to raise and sell food the way my grandparents (and great-grandparents!) did. Raising trustworthy food without chemicals, medications, or any factory farming techniques. Healthy, pastured cattle and hand planted (by me personally) heirloom produce, never coated with pesticides or herbicides. My dream is to bring back the golden days of farming: when farmers could feed their food to their own children, when neighbors could trust their local farmers to provide safe and responsible nutrition. Unfortunately, in these times, many food safety terms have become simply buzzwords–“free range,” “grass fed,” “antibiotic free” are no longer regulated terms. Stores are no longer required to state the country of origin on their meat and produce. I believe the only way to ensure your safety is to form a relationship with your local farmer; I want to be that farmer for you.

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