Healthy Eating On The Run


Dr. Barbara Roberts, DDiv., began playing in the dirt, and the kitchen, after taking a Raw Foods course in 2000. Adopting the principles she learned improved her health, and ultimately, her quality of life. This book is the culmination of her journey to optimal health.

Most of the 115 recipes here are raw. They make delicious, nutritious eating possible, even with a hectic schedule. She calls it “Grab and Go Goodness” and the dishes live up to their name. Best of all, they are wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, artificial sweetener-free, and guilt-free!

Barbara has been preaching the health benefits of raw foods to family and friends whenever possible. (Coincidentally, she is an ordained minister and officiates at weddings frequently, so sharing messages with people comes naturally.)

She has become a dedicated locavore, finding sources for locally grown grass-fed, grass-finished beef and Heritage pork, free-range eggs, and fresh milk. She also grows her own food, and in 2011 became a Master Gardener.

Perhaps most importantly, in the first part of the book, Barbara shares the reasoning behind why eating raw foods is so much better for you. She also reveals surprising facts about the foods most people eat regularly. Come inside and keep an open mind while visualizing the healthier person you will be when you learn to love food in a new way.

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