Lillian's Sweet Hawaiian, LLC


We sell a unique Sweet Hawaiian Glaze which is a special recipe inspired by our family from
the Island of Maui, Hawaii, where Geoff was born and raised. The Original Recipe was inspired by Lillian (Harue Matsumoto) Haber, Geoff’s mother, who learned to cook traditional Hawaiian/Japanese foods from her mother. Lillian shared her specially prepared, unique blend of flavors which enhances almost anything you eat.
It is very different from Southern BBQ. Lillian’s Sweet Hawaiian Glaze is universal – it can be used with all meats, seafood and vegetables and in any cooking method! Our personal favorite is salmon or stir fried vegetables. We recommend using it as a glaze or BBQ Sauce. If used as a marinade, cook covered to prevent burning. Kids like it as a dip or sandwich spread. When mixed with oil, it is a delicious salad dressing. Great for vegetarians and vegans.
The authentic, homemade taste is second to none. Another perk is that it is Gluten Free for those that have dietary restrictions, but still want a great tasting sauce. It does not contain preservatives, corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup. It adds a classic sweet Hawaiian taste to any dish.
We have sold our sauce thru local Farmers Markets for 3+ years.

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